Hula Dance for Health


If you are looking for a fitness class in Victoria BC and love everything thing about Hawaii perhaps, Hula Dance for Health classes are just right for you.

Hula Dance for Health is so much fun!

Hula Dance for Health is a fitness program designed to provide moderate exercise that helps maintain memory, balance, flexibility and strength. Hula dancers engage in weight-bearing exercise, building strong bones & lean muscle mass, while enjoying Hawaiian music & learning Hula dances. Hula dance engages the mind, gives the heart a gentle workout and lifts your spirits.

Hula Dance for Health is fun, affordable and easy to learn. Classes begin Tues Sept 14, 2021 at ‘Dance Victoria’ 2750 Quadra St.

Hula Dance for Health class levels: Beginner, Continuing & Experienced – Adults 18+ Please see Classes menu for time of class.

To Register for Classes Contact

MaryLee Alexander, Director

Call (253) 532-3962  Email