Hula Dance for Health Classes

Are You Ready?

Hula Dance for Health classes in Victoria B.C. begin in September on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15, 2021 for Beginner, Continuing & Experienced dancers, for adults 18+ who are fully vaccinated. Hula Dancing is fitness, fun & easy to learn.

Classes Begin on Tuesday Sept 14 & Wednesday 15, 2021, at our new location, Dance Victoria – 2750 Quadra Street.

2021-2022 Hula Dance for Health Class Dates

Beginner Hula – This class offers an opportunity to keep fit while you enjoy beautiful Hawai’ian music and learn lovely Hula dances. You will learn the five basic Hula steps and 5 Hula dances. Be prepared to have fun while telling stories through your Hula dance movements.

Continuing Hula – This class is for participants who have completed the Beginner Level Hula or have other dance experience. Continuing dancers build on basic Hula steps and learn more ad- vanced movements and complex Hula dances. Continuing dancers are offered opportunities to perform and attend Workshops. In this class you will find that you have danced long enough that you don’t have to think of the steps all the time, your body just knows them.

Experienced Hula – This class is for participants who have completed the Hula Continuing Level. Participants are healthy and strong enough to increase their cardio workout while learning complex Hula dances and combinations. Yes, in this class the “learning-choreography part of your brain” will be working. The class will burn calories while building strength and endurance. Experienced Hula participants will be prepared to perform. What we learn, we share with the community. This is the “Spirit of Aloha” in action: waves going out and waves coming in.

To Register for Hula Dance for Health classes contact: MaryLee Alexander, Director

Phone (250) 532-3962


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